Capoeira class in Leyton – A great way to start your week

  • RSVP now!

    Teacher: Professor Tenente.

    For the first class you can choose among three options.

    1st option: First class is £5 instead of £7

    2nd option: First class and 1 Donatello Club Card – Special offer – only £10

    3rd option: Four classes for £20 instead of £28

    Only £5 for Donatello Club Card holders.

    All levels are welcome. Let the receptionist know that you are going to the capoeira class that is held in Studio 1.

    There won’t be any meetup sign. You need to arrive ten minutes before the class starts so you can change into your clothes and stretch.

    Look or ask for the teacher and mention “Donatello” if you don’t see me.

    Fitness First members and Donatello Club card holders pay £5.

    Normal price is £7.

    See you soon



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