Musicians, dancers and entertainers can get 500 free Donatello Club digital cards


Dear member

Donatello club helps musicians, dancers and entertainers to raise money for their projects.

If you fall into one of the above categories, you can claim 500 free Donatello Club digital cards.

There is no cash value for the digital cards unless they are sold online.  The digital cards are normally sold at £15. If you get them, you will be able to give them away for free to your friends and family or you can even sell them online at not less than £10 and not more than £15.

People who hold a “Donatello Club” digital card need to validate their card by joining this website.

They will have their account upgraded so they will be able to writing posts on the homepage.

If you wish to join our affiliate program then you can sign up at .

It’s easy to use your affiliate links that can be shared on social networking websites and even on this one.

For the affiliate program, this is  the referral commission structure:

1 Musicians, dancers and entertainers get a 70% commission on digital sales. To confirm that you are a musician, dancer or entertainer, you will need to send a video of you performing. The video does not need to be a professional one.

2 members and “Donatello Club” digital card holders will get a 50% commission on digital sales

3 Other affiliates will get a commission of 30% on digital sales.

Payments to affiliates are immediate and via Paypal.


Donatello Card Limited