One of Cinema’s greats ,Clint Eastwood


Clint Eastwood has turned 87 recently and in his film career that span over 60 years he has acted in countless classics and showed to be equally effective with his directing skills making films like Million dollar baby and Gran Torino in recent years.
I would like to share my favourite film he has acted in, even though I love his acting roles in films like “every which way but loose” and the classic “dirty harry”, however for me my all time favourite is Sergio Leone’s masterpiece “A few dollar more” the sequal to the fantastic spaghetti western trilogy.
The phenomenal score written by Ennio Morricone sets the tone for the whole film ,with the basic plot of two bounty hunters brilliantly acted by Van Cleef and Eastwood set out to claim the award of outlaw Gian Maria Volante’s character and his gang, the way Volante plays his role was phenomenal and was what stole the show for me. To conclude everything from the music ,great directing and brilliant acting is what makes this film one of my all time favourites.

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