Dance contest – Week 5 – 26/08/17 to 01/09/17


Dance contest – Week 5 – 26/08/17 to 01/09/17

Feel free to share your dance video.


1st place – 300 Donatello Club digital cards (DC digital cards) which can be sold online by using your favourite digital payment system. It also includes 1000 global YouTube views.

2nd place – 200 DC digital cards.

3rd place – 100 DC digital cards.

Donatello Club digital card is a concept, marketing tool, account upgrade and lifetime membership.

Winners will need to validate their DC digital cards by joining and mentioning this post.
By 31st of May 2019 if not earlier all free Donatello Club digital cards will be gone so artists, musicians, dancers, entertainers, bloggers, small businesses, freelancers, supporters, followers and fans will be able to get the “Donatello Club” digital card only from selected people.

How to enter:

You have to post your dance video by Friday, 01/09/17 but the sooner the better.

Write a post along with your dance video and a description but the title must contain “Dance contest – Week 5” and use “dancecontest” or “donatelloclubdigitalcard” as one of the tags. Don’t forget to add your post Url below here as a comment.

You will get 10 DC digital cards just to share your dance video.
Every upvote, your comment receives, will give you an extra 10 Donatello Club digital cards.

If you are not interested in entering the competition but you still like to help, please resteem this post.

Thank you for sharing your dance videos!



Make sure you share your dance video and not somebody else’s.

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