Donatello Club online community #10


Dear members

Donatello Club promotes artists, musicians, dancers and entertainers worldwide.

Donatello Club digital card is a concept, powerful marketing tool, account upgrade and lifetime membership.

We always look for new musicians and dancers who wish to network with us.

# Get rewards with us
10 Donatello Club digital cards for a post
100 DC digital cards when you share your #art. #music, #dance or #fitness #video

300 DC digital cards when you share your original music track or video.

How you could help:

# 1. Join It’s free to join!
# 2. Share your Steemit posts, music, videos and events.
# 3. Purchase a Donatello Club digital card for only 5GBP. Go to and before proceeding to pay add as a note “1 Donatello Club digital card”.
# Alternatively send 5SBD to @Donwhale and in the memo box add, “1 Donatello Club digital card”.

Thank you for your support!

# Leave as a comment your Steemit post Url and your post will be resteemed.

Your Steemit posts could be also shared on, and

# We are running two contests:

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