How to sell your Donatello Club digital cards as a verified user or artist at #1


Dear Steemians

Donatello Club online community promotes artists, musicians, dancers and entertainers worldwide.

Donatello Club digital card is a concept, marketing tool, account upgrade, lifetime membership and a unit for contest rewards.

Donatello Club wants to build a strong network of 3,000,000 artists, musicians, dancers and entertainers worldwide.

If you hold just a few or many DC digital cards that you may have won in a music, dance or fitness contest then you can sell them here.

Example of how you can write a post or comment:

“I am a verified artist (musician, dancer, entertainer, blogger or small business) at and I would like to raise some funds for my future (music, dance, fitness or something else) projects.”

Please include your profile page url such as

You can sell your DC digital cards in bulk or individually.

A single Donatello Club digital card cannot be sold for more than 15 GBP, USD or EUR. Since you are going to sell your DC digital cards in SBD if you create a post here then you could sell a single DC digital card for anything between 1 and 3 SBD. If you create a post on your website, Facebook page or Twitter page then you can use any digital payment system or FIAT currency.

# If you are creating a post on Steemit, please remember to share your url post here as a comment.

The title of your post could be: “I am a verified user (artist, musician, dancer or entertainer) at and I’m selling my DC digital cards”
Your post could also contain your original art, music, dance or fitness video. It should contain your profile page url.

# Please read this post:

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