Singing a cappella week 20


Dear music lover

The singing a cappella project is not receiving enough support.

Now it’s running on is an online community aimed at musicians, dancers and entertainers.

For singing a cappella week 19 there have not been any valid entries.

Week 20 will run from 23/07/2018 to 29/07/2018

Please share your singing a cappella video on and you will receive 0.25 SBD and 10 Donatello Club digital cards (you have to edit the final balance of Donatello Club digital cards on your profile) which can be given away to friends or sold online in order to raise funds for your future music projects.

# The top three picks will receive 0.50 SBD each.


# How to participate:

# Write a post on

# The title must contain: “Singing a cappella week 20″.

# Share your singing a cappella video along with a short description if you wish. Remember to give credits to authors if the music is not yours. For instance when you do a cover of a song.

# Mention your Steemit username in your post.

Only 1 entry per person per week.

# Of course you can share your singing a cappella video on your Steemit account so you can receive some upvotes for your post.
Your post will appear onĀ <a href=””></a>

Donatello Club digital card is a concept, marketing tool, account upgrade, lifetime membership and unit for contest rewards. The cost of 1 Donatello Club digital card is 20 GBP.

Thank you for reading!

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