Dance to this song, Bamboléo by the Gipsy Kings


Dear dance lovers

I like to come up with new ideas, projects or contests about music, dance and fitness.

This time I’m going to suggest this project.

Dance to this song, Bamboléo by the Gipsy Kings.

# The earliest three submission will win 1 SBD each. You can receive 10 Donatello Club digital cards instead of 1 SBD if you wish. Please mention that in your post.

# How to enter:

# The earlier the better since only the earliest three submissions will receive 1 SBD or 10 Donatello Club digital Cards each.
# Make a post!
# Title: Dancing to Bamboléo by the Gipsy Kings
# Description: Your dance video along with a short description if you want. Videos should be at least 90 seconds long.
# One tag must be #donatelloclubdigitalcard.
# Share your Steemit post or post along with your video here as a comment.

# If you are late with your submission and you wish to share your dance video following the above rules on, you will still get 0.30 SBD.


This is one of my videos and I’m dancing to Bamboléo.

# You can dance the way you want.

# Gipsy Kings – Bamboleo


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