Special offer, 10 Donatello Club digital cards for only 10 SBD or 10 USD, GBP and EUR


Dear music, dance and fitness lovers

Donatello Club digital card is aimed at art, music, dance and fitness lovers.

Donatello Club digital card is a concept, marketing tool, account upgrade, lifetime membership and unit for contest rewards.

Go to¬†https://www.paypal.me/Donatellocard/10 and as a note add “10 Donatello Club digital cards”.

Join https://Donatelloclub.eu and mention that you purchased 10 Donatello Club digital cards.

Alternatively send 10 SBD to @donwhale and in the memo box write, “10 Donatello Club digital cards”

SBDs will be used to deliver prizes for our music, dance contests and projects.

Thank you for your support!

Donatello Club online community


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