“Donatello Club Music Awards” contest week 41


Dear musicians

You will need to write your post on https://Donatelloclub.eu.

These awards help musicians, who win them, to get more popular within our network of musicians, dancers, performers, supporters, followers and fans worldwide.
From this year all music genres are welcome.

This annual online music event is organised by Donatello Club online community, https://donatelloclub.eu.

Please share your original music only!
“Donatello Club Music Awards” 2016 winners.
You can find out who “Donatello Club Music Awards” 2017 winners are on https://donatelloclub.eu/donatello-club-music-awards-2017-contest-winners.

Winners of “Donatello Club Music Awards” 2018 contest will be announced in December 2018.
Each winner will receive 1000 “Donatello Club” digital cards which can be given away to friends, supporters, followers, fans or even sold online.

We are sharing some awards from “Donatello Club Music Awards” 2017 contest.

Week 40 will run from Monday 06/08/18 to Sunday 12/08/18.
How to enter:
Please mention the music genre that you are playing when leaving a comment along with your music track or video.
If you wish, you can write a post along with your music track or video and a description but the title must contain the words “Donatello Club Music Awards contest week 41” and use “donatelloclubdigitalcard” as one of the tags.
Don’t forget to add your post Url below here as a comment.
like this post if you like to enter this music contest.

Each time you share your original music track or video on https://Donatelloclub.eu, you receive 30 Donatello Club digital cards until there are digital cards available.

When you join https://Donatelloclub.eu and you mention this post, you will become a verified artist.
Winners will also have their music promoted on https://Donatelloclub.eu,
https://www.facebook.com/DonatelloClubLondon and

Thank you for your support!
Donatello Club online community

You can now sell your Donatello Club digital cards on https://www.facebook.com/groups/Donatelloclub.

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