Companies in Brexit ‘supply shock’ as fewer EU citizens come to UK


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I have found a very interesting article on

This is only the beginning.

In the article you can read,
A government spokesman said: “EU citizens make a huge contribution to our economy and we have been clear from the beginning of this process that we want these citizens and their families in the UK to be able to stay.

“After we leave the EU, the UK will continue to be the open country it has always been. We will have in place an immigration system that delivers control over who comes to the UK, but that welcomes the brightest and best who want to work hard and contribute.”

I say: “What does the UK think? That perhaps the brightest Europeans prefer to work in the UK rather than in some other European countries. Maybe the UK should look for the Asians who are coming here in flocks. The brightest Europeans are not that desperate to come to the UK looking for a job otherwise they wouldn’t be that bright in the first place.”

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