See who took part in singing a cappella week 24


Dear music lovers

# There are no funds for singing a cappella week 25 so it will not run this week.

# For future singing a cappella projects, the earliest 10 entries will receive 0.50 STEEM each if the post is made on

# This time all participants will receive 0.50 SBD each. You will get the participation prize by tomorrow.

# A big thank you to all participants.

# These are the top three picks:

# @alfredmusic,


# @yrmaleza,


# @yetxuni,!/v/yetxuni/u8vqx8ae.

# These are the other lovely entries from the earliest to the latest submission.

# @graceleon,


# @yeninsfer,


# @ragnarflok,




# @neymarth10,




# @sharliep,


# A special shout out to @pastorbastida,


# @dael28,



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