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Dear dance lovers and teachers

Donatello Club online community is aimed at music and dance lovers.

Please feel free to share your favourite dance classes, workshops and events on

They will also appear on

In order to become a verified artist on, you will need to share your music or dance video. Alternatively if you don’t want to share a video, you can purchase a Donatello Club digital card and your account will be upgraded.

You can purchase a digital card by visiting or sending 5 SBD. In both cases add as a note or memo, “1 Donatello Club digital card”. Your support is very much appreciated.

By purchasing 1 Donatello Club digital card, you will be sponsoring the dance contest for 1 week. Your name or Steemit username will be mentioned when the next dance contest is announced.

# Please upvote and share!

Thank you for reading!

Donatello and Donatello Club online community

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