20 Psychology tricks that work on anyone


Dear members

I have watched this very interesting video. I suggest that you watch it too.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMlGmHokrQRp-RaNO7aq4Uw

I have written down the 20 tricks

1. Don’t say “I think”.
2. Talking with eye contact.
3. Mirroring others.
4. Contagious yawning.
5. Listen by paraphrasing.
6. Ask questions.
7. False dilemmas.
8. Exchanging stories.
9. Food breaks tension.
10. Cure nerves with food.
11. Serial position effect.
12. Be active.
13. The laughing look.
14. Use their name.
15. Embrace silence.
16. The halo effect.
17. Ask for help.
18. “We need…”.
19. Give a gift.
20. Lose to win.

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