Dance contest week 70 supported by @carlgnash


Dear dance lovers

# A big thank you to @carlgnash for supporting dance contest week 70 with 5 STEEM.

Dance contest week 70 will run from 05/12/18 to 10/12/18.

# How to enter:

# Write a post on Steemit and/or

# You must be at least 18 or older to enter this dance contest.

# Dance videos should be at least 45 seconds long. Promo videos which don’t qualify for prizes can be of any length.

# Write a post along with your dance video and a description.

# The title must contain “Dance contest week 70”.

# Use “donatelloclubdigitalcard” as one of the tags.

# Don’t forget to add your post Url below here as a comment. You don’t need to add your post as a comment if you create a post on
# There must be at least five entries for the winners to be selected.
# Upvote this post!


# Entries from dance contest week 69.
# These are other entries from the earliest to the latest submission.

@jorgemora17  receives 1 STEEM,


@rosbellycc , receives 1 STEEM,


# @yeninsfer receives 1 STEEM,






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