Donatello Club talent show – December 2018


Dear music, dance and comedy lovers

Feel free to enter this monthly online event!

It’s easy to enter:

There will be three winners, one for music, one for dance and one for comedy.

Only one entry per person.

Your music, dance or comedy video must be at least 120 seconds long.

Please write a post on by 26/12/2018. It will be easier to find the entries.

Of course you can write your post on your Steemit account so you can receive some upvotes for it. If you do so, one tag must be “donatelloclubdigitalcard”. If you write your post on Steemit, please leave a comment here along with your post url and the video because after a week it will disappear from feed. You don’t need to share your post url and the video as a comment if you write your post on

Title must contain: “Donatello Club talent show, December 2018 – (Music, dance or comedy) entry”.

Prize: Each winner will get 200 Donatello Club digital cards. Prizes will change if there will be some donations. There is a participation fee of 50 Donatello Club points (Donatello Club digital cards). Don’t worry if you don’t have any points in your profile, you can still take part.

Please upvote and share if you like this post.

I will be the only judge.

P.s. In order to validate your Donatello Club digital cards (points) you need to join and mention this post. Winners will be announced by the end of the month.
How I will select the winners:
Let’s say that there are 30 music entries, 10 dance entries and 1 comedy entry.
There will be one winner for each category. I will select 1 music, 1 dance and 1 comedy video.

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