Donatello Club points, rewards for music and dance projects


Dear music and dance lovers

The more active as a verified user you are on the more Donatello Club points you can exchange for STEEM.

For each music and dance video you share on, you will receive 10 Donatello Club points. You can exchange them for STEEM. You need to reach 100 Donatello Club points which can be exchanged for 1 STEEM.

Alternatively you can sell them as Donatello Club digital cards.

You can also purchase 1000 Donatello Club points for only 10 STEEM. You will be able to give them away as contest rewards on

You can sell up to 10% of the Donatello Club points as Donatello Club digital cards. You need to become a verified user on in order to sell your Donatello Club digital cards on our homepage.

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