Dance contest week 84


Dear dance lovers

Our dance contest runs between Wednesday and Monday every week.

How to enter:

You must be at least 18 or older to enter this dance contest.

Dance videos should be at least 60 seconds long. Promo videos which don’t qualify for prizes can be of any length.

Write a post along with your dance video and a description on

The title must contain “Dance contest week 84”.

Use “donatelloclubdigitalcard” as one of the tags.

Prizes can vary each week.

The prize for the first place is around 150 Donatello Club digital cards (points).

Second and third place get around 100 DCdc each.

There is a participation fee of 50 Donatello Club digital cards (points). You will be able to take part in the dance contest even if you don’t have any DCdc but your prize or participation prize will be reduced.
Let’s say that you have 100 DCdc in your profile account then 50 DCdc will go towards the dance contest fee if you like to take part.
Let’s say that you have 30 DCdc then only 20 DCdc will go towards the dance contest fee because 10 DCdc always need to be in your profile account.

When you reach 500 Donatello Club digital cards (points), you will be able to exchange them for GBP 5.

You can write a post on Steemit, Weku, Bearshares and other platforms but you will still need to write a post here.

Please mention in your post if you wish to receive your prize in STEEM.

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