Dance contest week 84


This is my entry to the Dance contest of week 84:

I pray dance this prayer at least 5 times a week. I love the words, the energy and the prayer. I pray for the non harm of all innocent beings…mainly children and animals…

I know my dance technique might appear strange, but its the feeling of being in a deep communion with God and Goddess of this Universe…

Showing my dreams to the Sun, praying for that which I wish to see in my daily life.

I am honored and deeply grateful to have found my way that works for me…as 12 years ago I was crippled and I could not even walk…I could only whirl and do yoga…and eventually it led to my dancing like this.

It does not bother me if people think I look crazy as when I whirl I do not see people and their thoughts…I am in a warm embrace of the Sun and in deep communion with God and Goddess.

This song Loka Samasta is sung by Sharon Gannon:

and the meaning of this chant is so beautiful! please read here more about the chant:

I love you all very much!

Nomvula the Greeninglady

#yogadance #headstand #share2steem #whirling #Praying

ps: I do not mind receiving steem

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