We need your support – Please read!


Dear music and dance lovers

Please invite your friend to join https://Donatelloclub.eu if they like music and dance.

You must have received some STEEM or SBD for sharing your music/dance videos and taking part in our music and dance projects.

You can purchase 100 Donatello Club points for 1 STEEM. So if you like to purchase 1000 Donatello Club points, you can send 10 STEEM to @donwhale. Your points will appear on your Donatelloclub.eu profile.

We will not be able to give you STEEM for ever so if you like to support us you can either donate some STEEM or purchase some Donatello Club points.

We’ll start to give away prizes in Donatello Club points if we don’t receive any donations or nobody purchases any Donatello Club points.

Thank you for reading!

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