How to sell your DC digital cards

Max supply 3,000,000 Donatello Club digital cards.
The supply will be reduced to 300,000 Donatello Club digital card by the end of 2018.
Verified artists, musicians, dancers, bloggers, small businesses, entertainers and event promoters/organisers can sell DC digital cards in order to raise funds for their projects.

As a verified artist you can sell DC digital cards in units to your followers, supporters and fans.

Use the side-wide activity page and post an update.

Your update could contain the following lines:

“I am a verified artist (blogger or small business) at and I would like to raise some funds for my future (music, dance, fitness or something else) projects.

Go to amount between £5 and £20 and before proceeding to pay, add as a note, one Donatello Club digital card.”

As a verified artist you could also sell the DC digital card on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.