Donatello Club Music Awards

These awards are not recognised by any public bodies but help musicians, who win them, to get more popular within our network of musicians, dancers, performers, supporters, followers and fans worldwide.

Entries for the 2017 Donatello Club Music Awards are now open.

Donatello Club Award – Neal Vio, pop/rock musician of 2016 with the single “I’ve Seen the Angels Fall”

Donatello Club Award – Autorotation – Experimental electro-acoustic band of the year 2016

Donatello Club Award – Divinum Tragedy – Symphonic metal band of the year 2016

Donatello Club Award – Levy – Indie band of the year 2016 – Italy

Donatello Club Award – Didier Macho, flamenco guitarist – Musician of the month – December 2016

We are only accepting music entries at the moment. All music genres are welcome!

Feel free to post your music video along with the genre that you are playing for a chance to win an award.

Don’t forget to mention in your post that you would like to be considered for an award.

Winners will receive 3000 “Donatello Club” digital cards which can be given away to friends, supporters, followers, fans or even sold online.

If sold online the “Donatello Club” digital card cannot be sold for less than £5 and more than £15.