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    ItemBreathable cooling mattress
    FabricCold Sense Technological Fabric
    FillerPolyester Fiber (Polyester)
    ColourBlue/Beige /Customizable
    Product GradeQualified Products
    OriginZhejiang, China
    Supply Capacity30,000 Pieces Per Month
    Packaging Inner PE bag.
    Outer PVC bag/Nonwoven bag/ Box.
    Cartons with wash label,card/Others.
    FOBMain ports in China
    Breathable cooling mattress
    Fabrics woven with fibers with good moisture absorption and desorption function are cooler to wear under certain conditions, which is called cold-sensitive fibre fabrics.
    By changing the cross-section shape of the fibers, the capillary effect and specific surface area of the fibers are increased, thus improving the moisture absorption and sweating function. Cold-sensitive fabrics use cross-section structure, surface grooves and super capillary holes of fibers.
    By wicking, diffusing and conducting moisture on the skin surface, it can quickly transfer to the surface of the fabric and evaporate rapidly, thus keeping the human skin dry, comfortable and cold.
    Japanese Quick-drying Fiber.
    Machine wash does not deform.
    Cut off the mattress and take out the filler, and you can find that the filler cotton inside is also different.
    This cool mattress filler, using Japanese polyester fibers, compared to ordinary cotton materials, more breathable, fast drying.
    It can be seen that the quick-drying fibers are more porous than cotton and have better water absorption effect.
    (Cotton on the left and polyester on the right).
    In addition, it is worth mentioning that the cold mattress contains 20% of Japan’s imported anti-mite fabric, Emperor cotton, which can keep mites away for a long time, and completely say goodbye to allergies, itching, large pores and other skin problems caused by mites.
    The effectiveness of bactericidal and mite control has passed the authoritative test.
    The most convenient point is that the cold mattress can also be machine washed directly! Because the filler itself is drying fast, so it can be completely dried in one noon after washing, which is absolutely necessary for lazy people.
    The collection is very simple, folded up, but a winter coat is so thick.China Cooling Mattress