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    About SOUZ
    Souz Vacuum has been experts in Manufacturing and Exporting vacuum pump for almost 40 years. We are a Designated production enterprise of Ministry of Machine-Building industry and Member of China vacuum society.
    We are the preferred choice for Rotary vane vacuum pumps, Liquid ring vacuum pumps/compressors, Roots vacuum pump and vacuum systems. Proudly, we provide vacuum solutions for a broad range of industries including Chemical,Power,Paper,Mining,Food,Oil-gas treatment and laboratory application.All our products are available with a variety of options design features to match a diverse range of applications,so our customers benefit from the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.
    Our manufacturing sites use the latest manufacturing techniques, machinery and equipment.Our quality management procedures surpass CE,ISO9001 requirements and offer all necessary certification such as Mine Product Safety Mark Certificate to meet the specific requirement of all our customers.

    Souz Vacuum Mission:
    We aim to be a loyal and qualified provider of vacuum pumps.
    We listening and caring of the customer represent a real business mission and reach the highest level in unique solutions.
    We offer reliable products and outstanding customer service to customers.
    We meet customers鈥?demand with qualified and fast commercial network.
    We offer customers customized solutions, maximizing the 鈥減erformance/price ration鈥?/span>

    Souz Pledge:
    Supreme Quality,Outstanding Prestige,Unique Technique,Zealous Service.
    Our Certificate
    We continually optimize our management system, in order to supply our customers with high-quality products, service, and solutions tailored to their individual needs. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, CE and our stringent quality control system.
    Production EquipmentPneumatic Type Butterfly Vacuum Valve factory