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    Exhaust Hose Reel-Manual Spring Steel CLF-2007S

    Technical Specification
    Ambient Temperature -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
    Color Blue/Silver Grey
    Exhaust Host Rubber, ø75mm, 8M
    Dust Connection Ø120mm
    Assembled Bracket Galvanized steel / Separate / Simplifies installation
    Host Stop Collar Makes nozzle stop at a fixed height
    Ratchet Mechanism Lock uncoiled hose in position
    Maximum Mounting Height 6M
    Net Weight 30Kg
    Gross Weight 35Kg
    Packaging Size 760×590×660mm
    Container Load Q’ty 81pcs / 20’ & 171pcs / 40’
    I. Description
    CLF Hose Reels are specially designed to collect and remove the exhaust gases from vehicles at idles.
    The Hose Reel is made from Die-casting aluminum core and PPS plastic housing. With Multi-position lock ratchet, the reel is easily handle & stop at any needed height.
    Spring recoiled exhaust hose reel can be used for all types of vehicle service workshops. The hose can be hung at desired height on wall or ceiling
    Designed for indoor or outdoor in protected areas and simple maintenance required.
    II. Available Parts
    1. Air blower is available to mount directly on as a single system
    2. Rail sliding trolley is available for one unit serving several work bays
    3. Rubber nozzles available fitting different vehicle exhaust pipes.
    III. Advantages:
    1. Easy, balanced operation
    2.Easy, safe installation
    3. Easy, quick lifting height adjustment
    4. Compact, modern design
    Packaging & shipping

    CE Certificate
    China Exhaust Extraction manufacturers