Donatello Club digital card

Upgrade your account by purchasing the “Donatello Club” digital(e-)Card today!

Donatello Club digital card is a concept, marketing tool, lifetime membership, account upgrade and unit for contest rewards.

The DCdigitalcard can be purchased worldwide.
The DCCard can only be purchased in London and is not available now.

The cost of 1 Donatello Club digital card will be £40 from 1st of June 2019.

The cost of 1 Donatello Club digital card will be £80 from 1st of June 2020.

Since 11th of July 2019 Paypal has blocked our account so you will not be able to purchase a Donatello Club digital card via Paypal instead you can use Stripe,

Then proceed to pay.

You will not receive a laminated card by choosing this option. You only need to save the Paypal Unique Transaction ID that you will find on the paypal receipt.

The DCdigitalCard is aimed at language, music, dance, fitness enthusiasts, event promoters, organisers, teachers, artists, musicians, dancers, entertainers, their followers, supporters and fans in London and worldwide.

Music, dance, fitness enthusiasts, artists, musicians, dancers and performers can raise money for their projects by selling online “Donatello Club” digital cards along with their merchandise.

Your account within the website will be upgraded and you will be able to share music and dance videos on the homepage. You will also be able to post articles in order to promote your language, music, dance, fitness classes, workshops and events.

Discounts and offers for our club card holders provided by third parties are not listed here.

You could also buy your Donatello Club digital Card from your friends, musicians, dancers, entertainers and other artists that you support.

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